Friday, March 23, 2012

Sony Ericsson Open 2012, Miami, USA

Today's schedule: From facebook page of the tournament

Today's notes: 23 March 2012, Friday:

I started day with a tennis dream:
I was wollowing match from Iphone application,that black background!
Venus vs kim (supposedly kvitova) 6-1,1-5 so it was going to set 3 ,better for my favorite but Venus fought to make it 6-5, 40-40 and i was scared Kim would lose, so not very pleasant dream so a nightmare?

Kvitova v Venus Williams is a very early match. Second round only, and two favorites willl face each other...

As many tennis fans thought, I was expecting 2012 to be year of Petra Kvitova as she was flawless at Istanbul WTA Championships. The winter break did not work well for her, or I dont know some health or mental situations stopped her but I am still waiting her to come back... So she is my pick for today.
By the way, At IW Tournament, all the ones I rooted for lost so I am being so pushy here,lol!

General views on SEOpen Draw and Players:

Current ranking in WTA:

Women’s Tour (WTA) Rankings

March 19, 2012

1stAzarenka, Victoria (BLR) -reserved for a while!9730
2ndSharapova, Maria (RUS)-her current form does not reflect her rank7930
3rdKvitova, Petra (CZE) - should do better!7170
4thRadwanska, Agnieszka (POL)- had been rising recently but she has to wait to rise more5960
5thStosur, Samantha (AUS)-hard to tell,had good and bad times, we will see5825
6thWozniacki, Caroline (DEN)-she saw saying she will get #1 back ,does not seem so5410
7thBartoli, Marion (FRA) -my pick for semis, would not be a suprise4710
8thLi, Na (CHN) -seems she will not keep her bar raising4635
9thZvonareva, Vera (RUS)- had health issues withdrew oe retired 2 or 3 tournaments,see how she will do here4340
10thPetkovic, Andrea (GER) - wil not be playing for a while3800

*My favorite is Kim Clisjters as she is a back to court mom! As I am a back to school mom, I anticipate her!
Also since she works hard to fight with injuries and will be retiring soon-may be this year?-, I think winning means more for her. Younsgters will have chances.. I am getting old,oh yeah!...

Victoria Azarenka got the seat that was for Kvitova ... Her almost double-bagel win over Radwanska shows she can be dangerous. SO motivated, focused and ambitious.... She plays well noone can deny but there is definitely someone to beat her, either a suprise or an expected one (like Wozniacki, Kvitove, Williams as statistics tell she was not luck towards them before but things have changed!)
Her opponents seem to be scared of her and I feel like they are not playing confidently. "If I get soem games, I will be goo" is this the idea?
Julia Goerges would do better, Kerber could even get a set at semi's IW.
And here Azarenka's draw seems not so challenging but of course as always, especilly with tennis, enver take it granted! Players with lowers ranks are may be a piace of cake. Rememebr Moan Bartherl almost beat unbetable Azarenka at the FIRST round of Indiana wells two weeks ago...

*Tennis fans are not happy with the fact that no stream so we cannot watch the matches on TV.
* It is funny/weird to follow live scores and make comments. Teh score may reflect the winner played well or the lsoer played horrible (last night Wozniacki v BZS, BSZ had 40 unforced errors! Can you beleive Caroline tried hard for bagel?  6-4, 6-0)
*Tournament official website has live stream scores of the games. WTA and ATP also has live scores but not updated that often
I follow thourgh my WTA/ATP Iphone applicaiton (refrehes every 10 second, this was th efastest option) .
I really liek it (it is free) but I wish the statistics woudl have winner/ unforced error values)

*I watch tennis games on espn3 if possible otherwise go to for links. They may not have good quality, many ads but better than nothing.
As with any sports, sport lemon tv helps to watch tennis online for free:

sorry for typos , i dont spellcheck, try to type fast and yea, i am lazy!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Naturally green cupcakes!

Here is the rule:
Before serving somene this cake, ask what is inside and get impressed with the creative guesses you get AND
enjoy their suprise when they hear this is 'spinach cake!'
No! it does not taste spinach at all!
Great for not-so-spinach-lover kids a!
If you are not friends with food coloring like me, here is a formulas for naturally green cakes!
You can call this Hulk cake to make it more attractive for little ones.
If you are not scared to reveal about spianch, you can call 'Favorite of pop eye!" as well!
naturally green cupcakes with colorful sprinkles 
(nope, sprinkles are not natural:()
3 eggs
1  cup sugar
1 cup of spinach, washed, drained
3/4 cup  oil
2 1/2 cups flour, sifted
1 tsp baking powder

2 cups of whipped cream, I prefer extra creamy

Kiwi, pistachios, coconut or cake crumbs

Green crust cheesecake!
How to make the green cakes:

Blend the spinach with oil at high speed
Beat the eggs and sugar with mixer.
Add the spinach puree , mix well.
Then add flour and baking powder. 
Bake at 350 F.
Cut cake into two after it cools down
Put 3/4 cups of cool whip, place the half of the cake on top and cover the whole cake with cool whip.
Top with  Kiwi, pistachios, coconut or cake crumbs that you saved from the middle of the cake when you cut.
This can be a birthday cake as well as colorful cupcakes or even a green cheesecake crust!