Monday, October 15, 2012

English names for some of famous dishes in Turkish cuisine

This was the header of the flier I prepaed for "Turkish Cooking Class"  years ago.
Pogaca, Baklava (not so typical flower shape) , pilaf cake , sarma, stuffed dried veggies and Pide)

So here are some of the most popular dishes from Turkish cuisine, their English names and/or descriptions.
Links to English recipes to few are given as well.
Feel free to ask if there are other dishes you would like to learn about...

Tatlilar/ Desserts
Baklava : Baklava , Filo dough with nuts and syrup
Sekerpare:  (Sugar bit) Semolina cookies with syrup
Revani : Semolina cake with syrup
Kadayif: Kataifi Shredded filo dough with syrup
Lokum : Turkish delight (Turkish candy with starch, sugar and nuts, covered with confectioner's sugar)
Gullac : Starch wafers in milk syrup
Yogurt tatlisi : Yogurt cake with syrup (English recipe is here)
Irmik helvasi : Semolina halva (recipe)
Asure: Noah's pudding (English recipe is here)

Zeytinyaglilar/ Appetizers with olive oil
Sarma : Stuffed grape leaves
Kisir : Bulgur salad (recipeTurkish tabbouleh)
Dolma : Stuffed veggies (pepper, eggplant most common ones, meat versions are served hot as main dish)

Corbalar/ Soups
Mercimek corbasi : Red lentil soup (English recipe is here)
Ezo gelin corbasi : Ezo the bride soup: lentil soup with bulgur and rice (English recipe is here)
Yayla corbasi : Yogurt soup with rice

Et yemekleri / Main dishes with meat
Doner:  gyro
Pide:  Turkish pizza
Manti : Dumplings with meat ,served with garlic yogurt (Turkish ravioli*)

Pilav : rice ya da  pilaf (pila et/ tauk suyu kullanilinca ozellikle)
Sehriyeli pilav: pilaf with orzo
Eriste : noodle
Cacik: garlic yogurt with cucumber
Tavuk suyu : Chicken broth

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