Monday, July 16, 2012

An idea for Iftar Tables

Ramadan is 4 days away!
I have come up with this idea that I wanted to share with you:

This is great especially when you have guests over. Prepare a menu, put it in a picture frame on the table!
Everyone will know in advance what delicious food they will enjoy!

You can include the names of the host and the date so keep it as a nice memoir from the iftar.
Soup, Main dish, Salad(s), appetizer(s), dessert, drinks , pastry .. more to add!
You can either write by hand or prepare a template and fill according to your menu. Here is a template I prepared.
If you have a theme for the dinner stable, like flowers, a colro theme etc, your picture frame and menu (background, the paper color, some images etc) can match it so even a more fancy idea, isnt it?

I did this when I had my colleagues over for Turkish tea party. Sin the food was new to all, they liked the fact they could see all written:)

Another idea I saw on pinterest is here:

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